Asheville Ayes is Asheville's premier Microblading destination. 


Asheville Ayes is a client centered brow design parlor working to achieve BROW GOALS through hair stroke design. We specialize in mastering the PERFECTLY designed and microbladed brow.






Why choose microblading?


Microblading is perfect for people who have over plucked brows, who and are tired of having to daily draw in matching brows that end up “smearing off”.  

Microblading is especially perfect for the more mature women, in time our brows grow thin, lighten, and drop with our skin. When brows are perfectly measured and drawn in harmony with your natural features, microblading will give a more youthful appearance with color and definition. In many cases it creates a type of face-lift in appearance!  




We design the brow of YOUR dreams, not ours.


When choosing to micro blade your brows, generally the biggest fear is that your artist will give you brows that you don't love.  Asheville Ayes is committed to ensuring that your vision is met in the most natural looking way possible. We have numerous colors, and consult thoroughly with you before during and even after your appointment to achieve your ultimate BROW GOALS.




Our Studio Space


Our studio space is located in Maggie Valley, which is right outside of Asheville, NC. We maintain the highest standards of cleanliness, professionalism and communication. We love our studio, and can't WAIT for you to see it! 


Take a look around, you'll like what you see.


It may be hard to imagine, but daily brow maintenance can be a thing of the past. With Microblading, you can cut your routine time down, stop worrying about rain & smudging and have confidence knowing that your brows are always looking their best!



Microblading Appointments


Your appointment includes: 

• Shape & color consultation

• Microblading session in our clean and modern studio

• Complimentary perfecting session (within 6-8 weeks)