Get to know Asheville's premier brow designer.


Who am I?  I am a licensed art teacher, experienced mural artist, a trained Lancome makeup-advisor and mother of 3 daughters, all which have equipped me to be well crafted at microblading eyebrow artistry.  I am an artist first, an artist who became trained in perfect 3-D microblading hair strokes. You can trust me to design the correct brow shape, to know the best color, and to draw perfect 3-D microblading hair strokes.  

I originally became interested in learning about microblading when I helped my daughter search for a microblading technician. It was a challenge to find someone we trusted, someone who would be marking her face with semi-permanent pigment.  It was a scary search. There were so many unknown factors, yet trust ended up becoming the biggest factor.  Our concern was not so much about doubting the procedure, but about finding someone we could trust to do the microblading with natural looking results.  Both my daughter and I are artists and ended up having to ask the technician if we could draw the brow design ourselves. After watching the process, I knew that I could have microbladed a more natural looking brow.